Celsia Floral Workshop

Wanna get your way to a girls heart? The answer is and will always be, FLOWERS. I’m a sucker for a good bouquet of blooms and throughout the months I like to keep fresh florals around, it’s just good for the soul.

Thanks to the Shangri-La Hotel here in Vancouver, I have upped my floral appreciation! I happily attended a floral making workshop with Celsia Floral hosted by the Shangri-La. Celsia Floral is a staple in this city for organic looking arrangements and don their designs at most of the weddings and events in Vancouver.

We learned a lot of behind the scenes tips and tricks to making your florals stand out from the rest! I’m pretty good at keeping secrets but these tips are just TOO good not to share.

  1. Using tape, create a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 grid on the top of your vase. This will create squares that your stems can sit inside and won’t move around. You can purchase vase tape at Michaels.
  2. Start with leaves and heavy branches.
  3. Add in your linear florals. These are the ones that create a straight line and are usually the tallest.
  4. Add your focal flowers. These are the big players like roses.
  5. Add your filler flowers. These are the ones with the most blooms or branches.
  6. It’s best to group colours together.
  7. Celsia believes in creating arrangements at a 10pm & 4pm angle. A taller side, a shorter side with a valley in the middle. This looks more organic and doesn’t look like a big ball of flowers.

I actually have another workshop with Celsia coming up and I think by then I’m going to be a pro! Follow along on Instagram at @RandaSalloum to see when that happens!









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