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From mid-high school to early adult years is the time that words of wisdom from our parents usually sticks to our brains into our later adult years. I’m sure we all have that on thing that our mother’s used to say to us as we left the house and I can confidently say that a common was “just put on a little lipstick”.

I used to get so angry when my mother told me to put on lipstick. Not because I didn’t want to wear it (I probably didn’t know how to properly apply it anyways) but because I just didn’t want to be told what to do!

I bought my first lipstick when I was 21! It was two shades from M.A.C Cosmetics, picked out by my girlfriends who insisted we purchase some before our first girls trip to Vegas. From the time of buying my first tubes to now, whenever I’m about to leave the house I still have my mother’s words in my head saying “put on a little lipstick”. I always feel more put together when I have some colour on! So, thanks, mom! You were right.

Today I’m sharing the new collection of Always On Liquid Lipstick by Smashbox Cosmetics. With 20 shades I’m sure you’ll find a colour that your mothers will approve of! These shades are water-resistant and last up to 8 hours of wear. This collection is now available at Sephora and at Smashbox Retailers on August 1st.

Scroll down to see the entire collection and my favourite picks!


Smashbox_Cosmetics_Lipsticks-0955 copy

Bottom left to top right: Bawse | Thrill Seeker | Baja Bound | Bang-Bang | Blast Off | Big Spender | Babe Alert | Stepping Out | Out Loud | Driver’s Seat | Dream Huge | Disorderly | Shockaholic | Some Nerve | Let’s Dance | Miss Conduct | Girl Gang | True Grit | Chill Zone

Click HERE to purchase your shade via Smashbox & HERE via Sephora.


Bottom to top: Bawse | Baja Bound | Stepping out | Disorderly



Putting on Driver’s Seat


Babe Alert


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