Asian Adventure Part 2 – We became a family

After an eventful two days of scrounging the continent of Asia for our luggage, the fun hadn’t even begun. We woke up on our third day to head off to the airport after my mom (who from Vancouver, had been searching for our luggage and making phone calls) sent us some information that our bags may be at one of Bangkok’s international airport. So, we set off in search for a cab driver that wasn’t playing drinking games on the side of the road and drove to the airport.

After some time we needed to wait a few hours for a flight that was coming in, there was a chance our bags were on that flight! Fingers crossed. While we waited we decided to eat, drink Bubble Tea (because duh ,we have to in Asia) and photograph the glory that is the beautiful Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thailand 1 copy



Thailand 2 copy

No luck! Our bags unfortunately didn’t end up on a flight to Asia and absolutely all hope we ever had in finding our bags was officially gone. We savoured the last sips of our Bubble Tea, smiled at each other and decided to meet our friend Steve and enjoy our trip. We headed to the hotel to get ourselves set up with all of what we had, we could purchase whatever we needed along the way and borrow last minute items.

From a very large suitcase filled all of our favourite items to small carryon luggage with wheels we had our essentials and that was good enough for us!

Thailand 3 copy



 We met up with Steve and explored the city. He had already been doing that since we all landed so he kind of knew where to go. The city was so cool and not at all what I expected. Markets were everywhere, the fresh fruit was unlimited and the deserts… oh man.. don’t even get me started! I would gladly eat myself into a mango, pineapple and coconut ice-cream coma. While we were in Bangkok there was a protest going on to save the arts, I can’t explain it because I’m not knowledgeable on the issues they were fighting for or the logistics of it but areas of the city were lined with riot guards in their gear.

Thailand 5 copy


 Thailand 4 copy


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After a sweaty and exciting day it was time to go back to the hotel to meet our Contiki tour group and leader. Steve didn’t have any plans for the evening and since it was just a meeting of the group we thought it would be great if he tagged along, cause why not! Nobody would have known he wasn’t on the tour anyways and if they asked I’m sure they wouldn’t care.

We all met in the hotel restaurant and just as suspected, they didn’t care or even ask. Our tour group leader Hannah gave us all the rundown on what to expect and had us fill out some paperwork before we had a big dinner out as a Contiki gang.

It was awesome! A big line of tables outside along Rambutri road with vendors selling us bracelets, balloons and anything else you could find in the markets. Drinks were flowing and the food was delicious. I honestly feel like we lucked out with our group. The minute we all met and sat down for dinner we became a family.  An instant tight knit group of friends that already had each others back and best interests at heart. The boys teamed together and became the top fisters with bracelets to match while someone purchased all 67 balloons because why wouldn’t you purchase all 67 balloons?

DSC_0219 copy


The after dinner decision was made and the party had to keep going! The most exciting and yet to be discovered terrifying idea was optioned. We obviously all went for it when we found out what is was… and we were in for a real treat. We piled into 5 taxis and drove for 15 minutes while having a dance party to our taxi driver’s burnt cd of old school pop classics. We finally arrived to what looked like a back alley sting operation and I’ll admit I thought we were gonna get shot. Walked through the doors, paid our cover that was hiiiiiighly overpriced just for us and we took our seats. The show was about to begin! We. went. to…. that’s right…. A PING PONG SHOW!!!

Do you know about these?!?! It’s a strip club where they get completely naked and pull rope, chains, etc. all out of their vaginas!!!! The highlight of the show was when one woman shot ping pong balls out of herself aiming them into a cup. It sounds crazy, which it was. It was also a little disturbing, okay, really disturbing and left me feeling sad for them because they felt lifeless and drugged.

We all needed a bit of a perk after that bizarre experience so we headed for the club! We found a great club in the middle of their market area that played some of the best House Music I’ve heard in a while and we danced until 3am. Steve has some awesome photos of all of us from that night so when he gives them to me I’ll update this post with the images. It was great, all of us danced our asses off and I’ll never forget that night. Kaitey left early along with some others, while Steve and I left at 3am for massages (because we can in Bangkok!) and the others left shortly after.

It was definitely a night to remember and our tour hadn’t even started yet. We were all in for a treat, we just knew it. The next day the tourist sights begin to be seen.

(some of the above images from Kaitey)

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