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I hope your weekend was as full as mine and by full I mean with lots of food involved…that’s generally what my weekends revolve around (ie. my Instagram account). Last week I told you about the first 2 of my 4 dates and today I’m dishing out about the last 2. I also have updates about the first ones.. interesting turns in tow!

The Construction Developer That Sort Of Grew Up Amish.

It was mid-week and as per usual Sharday, Leonie and myself got together in the afternoon to take outfit photos. It was one of those sunny Vancouver days that couldn’t be missed for an outfit shoot opportunity. I had previously scouted locations down Homer street that would be perfect so in that direction we headed. We took our photos one by one and next up was Sharday, I was her photographer. Mid-shoot we were paused by a gentleman who had told us we were not permitted to continue shooting in front of the government building (I was furious! We just got kicked out of the first location and now this one?!)… oh… he jokes. What a funny one. It was his smooth way of starting a conversation – which worked. He talked up Sharday and I but his condescending tone about us being bloggers for a living was a major turn off. “You guys get paid for this shit?”…. This shit? You mean my blog? That I pour my efforts into each week? So far, no points for him. Sharday passed on her card and I exclaimed that I was out of cards (although I had them in my bag).  He left and wandered back over after his shift was over. This time only speaking with me… his casual but stiff demeanor was unnerving and made me laugh uncomfortably… although he was easy on the eyes so it made it better.  After about 10 miutes (or what seemed like forever) of conversation we all left and said our goodbyes to him. I could tell he wanted to ask me for my number but since he didn’t I brushed him off as another guy on the street.

A few hours later at home and ready to stream some episodes of Bates Motel and I opened my email inbox to find an email from him. He talked on and on and finally asked me to go out “to see if there is a connection“. Okay, I gotta say… I was impressed. All he had was my first name and he managed to track me down from Shardays blog then find my email address and ask me out. It’s more effort than other guys have put in. I held off for a day or so and called him. No answer, so I texted. He wasn’t being any more charming than on the street and I was starting to regret it. He wanted me to go to his place so he could make me dinner…. uhm… what?? Go to your place?? I don’t even know you! I suggested coffee would be better.

Monday came and I’m not going to lie I was so not stoked about it. 6pm rolled around and I waited for him at Commune to get this coffee done with before I headed to my picked up shift at the bar. 6pm… he’s not here… 6:05pm… not here… 6:10… he shows up. At least a text saying “I’m on my way” would have been appropriate –  he didn’t even apologize for being late. I forgot how cute he actually was. He kinda looked like Paul Walker but I couldn’t get passed his The North Face toque. We had really decent conversation but it was the type of conversation that jumped around with an unsteady flow – know what I mean? Turns out he grew up Amish in a small town, likes classical music and death metal… maybe those on their own could have been okay but all together it serves for an episode of Dexter. He walked me to work although it was on the opposite side of the town he was headed and had let me know that he had a great time. A part of me thinks he walked me to work because he didn’t believe it was where I needed to go, I think he thought I was bailing. He messaged me the next day and we spoke briefly – unfortunately, I’m just not into him.

The Blonde Babe With Bocce Ball Skills

My Tuesday date was with another Tinder fellow. We had matched quite a while before talking and not gonna lie I was hoping he would message me at some point. When he did, I was stoked! We had no mutual friends in common (at first) so I couldn’t do my usual creeping action. He messaged me and we started to speak.  About 10 minutes in the conversation and it was completely lack lustre, I immediately took a screen capture of his photo and sent it to Bria and Michelle with caption “This guy is boring, don’t bother” – I think it was just because we had not gotten into the groove of our conversation but after I sent that text our conversation was one of the funniest and longest first conversations I’ve had with someone I didn’t know. What felt like 30 minutes was actually 2 hours and I was having a ball. We connected pretty well. Even after 2 hours of talking we didn’t know anything about each other – that’s how well the conversation flowed. Turns out he had some dates and after finding out how many I had planned (and how in high demand I was) we figured we should just go on a date with each other to see what all of the fuss is about! I was really excited about this one.

The evening came and I made my way over to Kitsilando to a small bar called Corduroy. Jam packed with people and live music at the front stage. I got there late, good thing too cause he wasn’t ready yet either. I reserved us a table and waiting for him at the front. In walks this tall, blonde, MAJORLY handsome, blue eyed babe and what I would take as me being calm probably realistically looked like a character from “The Mask” with my eyes bulging out of my head and tongue falling to the floor slamming my fist on the tables. I think you get the point.. he was attractive. We sat down and I felt so comfortable, almost like I had been waiting for this date for years. I don’t really drink but I enjoyed (almost a full) beer and then we headed down a few blocks to his place to grab glow in the dark bocce balls. Yep! GLOW IN THE DARK BOCCE (see my Instagram for photo). He showed me around his one bedroom apartment and the view of the beautiful downtown core from his bathroom window. There we stood, the two of us.. in his bathtub, looking out at the skyline. I didn’t think I would be back at his place let alone standing in his claw foot bathtub (fully clothed of course). I wanted him to kiss me, it would have been the perfect moment for it. But no.

We made our way to the beach to play Bocce and I had such a stellar time –  I suck at Boccee if anyone is wondering. We played best till 10 and he won. We went back to his place to drop off the balls and I suggested we go somewhere for tea, but there was nowhere open so he made me tea from his wide selection. I felt pretty comfortable in his place, I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t. We sat on his couch sipping tea (which seemed foreign to him) and talked about little things like our weekend ahead, work, etc. There was a few moments where I think he wanted to kiss me but he never did… I was getting nervous. You know when you know it’s coming?? Uh! So many nerves! It got the point where I thought f*ck it! If he’s not going to, I will. I ditched my tea and placed my hand on his chest to give him the go ahead and he looked at me with his cute smile and went in for a kiss. That ladies, is how it’s done. About 10 minutes later – my face red from his beard I told him I should go home. I wasn’t about to take this any further. I suppose he had a great time since he suggested we go on more dates. He called me a cab and away I went.

Since then, we’ve spoken a little here and there but nothing special. We have planned to hang out on Wednesday but will confirm closer to the day.


My first date with the tattoo artist went well – but the height issue really bothered me. Two days before our scheduled date I texted him to let him know I had a great time but to be honest I wanted to cancel and I think we’re better as friends. He responded in relief because he was about to call me to say the same thing. Friends On.

An interesting turn has been taken with the snowboarder. I honestly didn’t think we would talk again, I thought it was just taken for what it was and that was it. In the past 3 days we have spoken from waking up to falling asleep and the conversations have been amazing. Never a dull moment and we are both totally smitten! We have however agreed that we will take it for what it is right now and just enjoy each other’s company via conversations. Most guys I go on dates with or actually even boyfriends I’ve had didn’t speak to me the way he does. He makes me feel so special and is ballsy enough to always tell me in detail how he’s feeling about me. A guy I go on a date with doesn’t know how to court me and here this guy is doing it via text 1600 miles away. To all the men around the world, take notes. This guy knows whats up.

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Photos by Leonie.

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