My Accutane Story

For those of you that follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been taking Accutane for the last 24 weeks. That would be 6 whole months of clear skin and a confidence I didn’t think I would have back. I’ve suffered from acne since about the age of 15 years and major hormonal acne from the age of 21.

We may all have the same conotations when it comes to hearing about Accutane. That it’s not good for you, very hard on your body and has severe side effects. Okay, so it’s all true, BUT I’m here to let you know that this medication is not one to be afraid of. I, myself turned down every physician that prescribed it to me. I didn’t think I needed it and that I would consider it as a final solution. Why would I put my body through some horrific conditions for clear skin?

This is why it was my final solution. I not only experienced acne on my face, mainly the hormonal areas like under my jawline, chin and lower cheeks, but I also experienced it all over my chest and my back was pretty much covered. Having this type of acne in high school was not ideal… I would say no to sleepovers, I would wear shirts to the beach, never got to experience a halter top and wore makeup on my scars to cover them up. Fast forward to 18- early 20’s and it was an even more trying ordeal. Imagine being intimate for the first time with your first boyfriend and not wanting him to see your back. Worried that the makeup you put on your chest and back would rub off in the process and he would know! Maybe he wouldn’t be attracted to me anymore… that was pretty much every experience with a man until I was 26. Even with my acne and scarring I built up the confidence to show my skin to my boyfriends and friends but it was a long process of self-love.

Being a blogger, more importantly, a fashion and beauty blogger, I needed to be photographed often for blog posts and events. I’ve seen my skin at every angle and picked it apart (Literally!! Oh my, the scarring!) with every photo. I would wear more makeup than intended and gosh help me if I left the house without cover up.

Now, at almost 29 I feel a confidence I didn’t have the chance to build from my teens. This has been my experience with Accutane in 6 months:

  • Day 1: A mental change. You could have given me a sugar pill and told me it would cure my acne and I would be over the moon! I just felt more confident knowing my skin was about to be clear.
  • Week 1: Not a single new pimple or breakout on my face, chest or back. WHAT?? I haven’t gone 1 week in 13 years without a breakout each week. This was life changing.
  • Week 2: Where are the breakouts? Totally gone..
  • Month 2: Dry lips commence. Burts Bees lip balms have been the most moisturizing.
  • Month 4: A hormonal breakout along my jawline… NOOOOO. Doctor was stumped as this shouldn’t have happened.*
  • Month 6: The only side effect has been dry lips and some days are better than others. No breakouts, soft skin and hardly wearing facial makeup.

* Taking Accutane in your late 20’s is drastically different than beginning in your teens. When you’re in your teens, your body is still settling and your hormones are easier to take control of and manipulate. By  your late 20’s your hormones are out of control and will have a higher chance of having breakouts reappear once you stop your dosage. This is why I had a hormonal breakout while being on Accutane.

While you’re on your meds you will need to set time aside to receive blood work every 3 months. I tend to do this a week before my check in with my Dermatologist. These tests are to ensure your body is functioning fine, primarily your liver.

There are many side effects that are connected with Accutane and I am not here to say you won’t experience them but it has been 6 months and I’ve only had dry lips, after 2 months. I keep my body in healthy condition, I stay active 5 days a week, eat a balanced meal (you need to eat with your dosage) and I have an alcoholic bevie maybe 1 -2 times a month and only a few sips.

I hope my post provides anyone who has considered taking Accutane with a fresh look on it. I highly recommend it if your doctor suggests it is the right medication for you! It wasn’t one I took lightly and you shouldn’t either. I don’t plan to continue my dosage much longer but want to ensure I am kept clear through summer. Wearing a bikini with breakouts is one of the toughest mind fucks I’ve ever gone through.

Accutane does mean clear skin but you need to keep your skin clean and healthy, every day. I’m going to begin my 2-month process with Miracle 10 Skincare. It’s supposed to show a difference after 10 hours, 10 days and 10 weeks.


I would love to hear your stories about Accutane! Leave me a note in the comment section along with any questions you may have. I reccomend Dr. Khalia at The Lions Skin Care Centre near Broadway in Vancouver.

NOTE: I am not wearing any makeup in the above photo and have photo-shopped 2 scars on my cheek. Confidence is a life long process! I am in no way sponsored by Accutane or Miracle10. 

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