30 Things I’m Learning at 30

You guys, I’m 30 in 3 days! Can you feel my excitement?! I’m going to be celebrating with friends on Saturday and I’ll have an entire post lined up afterwards so you won’t miss a thing. One of the most common questions I’ve been asked lately is what I’ve learned by 30. It’s such a loaded question but the answer is that I’ve learned a lot – about myself.

Most of these are simple but sometimes it takes a lot to get you to understand them or even apply them to you own life. Here are the 30 things I’ve learned at 30:

1. Quality VS. Quantity – fashion & friends.
2. Simplicity is beautiful.
3. People will always speak the truth first.
4. Me time is the most important time.
5. Don’t overthink it.
6. Pick my battles.
7. Ask and I shall receive.
8. Everything I’ve done brought me here.
9. Function VS. Fashion
10. I don’t need it.
11. My initial vibe about you will always rein.
12. Collaborate VS Competition.
13. It’s okay to start over.
14. I do what makes me content.
15. Sleeping at 9 PM is totally normal.
16. You should have ordered your own fries. #JoeyDoesntShareFood
17. Saying no is crucial to my happiness.
18. My dreams will change & that’s okay.
19. Acquaintances are not my friends.
20. When in doubt, bring flowers.
21. I don’t need to order a drink.
22. Put down my phone.
23. Be present.
24. Be conscious of my actions.
25. Not everyone thinks the way I do.
26. I vote with my dollar.
27. You and I walk different paths but I’ll walk beside yours.
28. I won’t regret that workout.
29. Let it happen.
30. Dress for myself.

I’ve recently teamed up with the amazing creatives at Truvelle to find the perfect birthday outfit! If you’ve heard of Truvelle then you know that they are a Vancouver based bridal brand specializing in handmade bridal gowns. Recently, Truvelle launched their Social Attire collection and is made of pieces that are ready for your social gatherings, not just weddings.

We thought it would be a fun idea to take 3 things that I’ve learned by 30 and see how it has effected my personal style. Below are 3 ways that I’m wearing the Alder jumpsuit (my fav!!) and to learn more about myself and my style head on over to the Truvelle blog HERE.

1st Look – Don’t Overthink It
I’ve learned to keep my outfits a little more simple with less bells and whistles. To learn more about why I chose this look, click HERE.

2nd Look – Quality Vs. Quantity
Spending a little more on quality is better than having more items that I’ll run through quickly. To learn more about why I chose this look, click HERE.

3nd Look – Dress For Myself
A moto jacket basically goes with anything! Don’t like it? Good thing it’s not your outfit! To learn more about why I chose this look, click HERE.

All photos by Truvelle.


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