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So, since I’m on the market again I guess I should start dating again right? The dreading dating scene… It’s not that I find it hard to meet people, I just find it hard to meet quality people. No what I’m sayin? I like to date the way I run the rest of my life – full on and not half assed. So, I booked 4 dates with 4 different people, 4 days in a row. Boom. Let the games begin! (I know it’s a lot but I need to keep the odds in m favor if some don’t turn out right – plus I have the time).

I won’t be naming names – for obvious reasons but I was exceptionally excited about my first two dates.

Vancouver’s Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire

I won’t lie about how we met – it was on Tinder. (Don’t judge I know you’re on there too…) He was super handsome so I swiped right (yes). He messaged me right before I had to close my account so I never responded. I opened my account again and found him again but this time I swiped left (no).. really no idea why I did that. Closed my account again and found him for the 3rd time (3rd times a charm!)  and I swiped right (yes.) His photos were attractive and he was super witty and skilled in basic conversation (not something many men are capable of having) and within 20 minutes we planned our first date. After some Google searching it turns out he’s a pretty popular Tattoo Artist in the city so I was pretty stoked to meet him and hear his stories.

One thing you should know is that Tinder doesn’t list your height, so you’re left with asking them how tall they are in the hopes they’re taller than you so you can wear heels, obviously. I didn’t want to ask him how tall he was so to save embarrassment I asked our mutual friends and none of them could give me an answer all I kept hearing was “he’s not a tall guy”. It was hours before my date on Saturday had begun and all I could think of was “HOW TALL IS HE!?” so I bit the bullet and asked him. *swipes forehead in relief* he’s taller than me! He said he’s 5’6 or 5’7 so I’m thinking that’s great, I can wear my heels and not be a total scrub on my date. Heading down the elevator and still in a bit of a panic because maybe my heels are too high? I walk through the lobby and yell out to the startled and confused pizza delivery guy “How tall are you??” Still, confused. Actually, at this point he’s baffled. I explained in a mad rush about how I’m meeting my date who I may be taller than and I need know because then I have to change my shoes. “Can I stand beside you?” I asked him… he was totally creeped out! I don’t care though I need answers. Luckily he was his height and all was good.

Our dinner was at Guu Garden (yum!) and I grabbed us a table and waited for him to arrive. He showed up looking as cute as he did in his photos and dressed very well. I stood up to greet him and FAAAKKKK… I’m taller. I know this shouldn’t make a difference but it really does for me. Anyways, almost 3 hours later and I had just finished one of the best dates that I’ve been on. We have so much in common and he’s one of the first great guys I’ve met in the city. Despite the height (I’ll wear flats next time) I’m looking forward to our next date.

Somewhere Between Too Old For Me & Damn He’s Hot

My second date on Sunday afternoon was with someone who I have had the pleasure of conversing with many times over. He’s a regular at the bar I work at once a week and a very close friend to everyone who works there. It’s always been a fun time when he’s came in to visit. I always thought he was handsome as f**k and gave off the most mellow vibes. I like that. Friday evening our paths crossed again at my work but this time it was different. He wasn’t just a customer but he was on one knee behind my bar asking me to marry him in front of my tables. Obviously, I said yes. After him drunkenly courting me we made plans the next day to have brunch the following day. Not knowing anything about him, except the girls telling me he’s a big deal… I googled. It’s pretty impressive when one of the first articles on Google states “The most respected retired pro snowboarder in the country” …. Sold.

I wasn’t as nervous for our date because I have already been around him and it wasn’t new. We met at The Parlour for breakfast pizzas and spoke about everything from family, food, to every scar on our bodies and how we got them. You guys, he is so handsome. You know that moment your knees accidentally touch and the hairs on your arm stand up? What a feeling.  3 hours later and I thought it was time for me to head out since all of his friends started to show up for an afternoon of day drinking. In true gentleman fashion he paid for the bill and walked me home to my building where not only did he kiss me goodbye but he actually had the decency to ASK ME if he could kiss me. Boom, it was awesome. We said our goodbyes and my doorman proceeded to make fun of me because he caught me on camera.

I left out a few things… he’s older than me… significantly older… like 15 years older. He also left the same evening for Ontario because that’s where he moved to. So maybe there was no point of having the date but it was fun and when he comes back we can see each other as long as I’m still single by then.

2 down, 2 to go. I have one today and one tomorrow. Updates to come next Monday!

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