1 night 20 dates

The Thoughts:

My credit card is charged, my spot is registered and my nerves are on high alert. I’m going Speed Dating.

On July 20th I’ll be one of the awkward lucky ladies to be thrown into a pit of bachelors for however long to endure a series of tasks, questionnaires and 5 minute “dates” with a string of men between the ages of 28-36 who won’t even know what hit them. I have to admit, I’m super excited! I’ve always wanted to try it to see what all the hype is about. I get a free drink out of it and a chance to meet some new people in the city.

I’m not going alone, I’m taking one of my closest girlfriends with me. She’s just as excited as I am and I’m glad she’s coming along. I’ll need someone to give those “well, that was awkward” stares to.

I won’t be telling anyone about my blog. They don’t need to know about that right away especially since I’ll be talking about them and I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot. I also won’t be giving them my real name but my nickname instead. If they have my real name all they need to do is Google me and my blog will pop up first on the list. Not an ideal situation.

Soooo… I’ll be sure to update you all on how it goes. The anticipation is killing me! I hope I meet some interesting people…and you know.. it wouldn’t hurt if I found someone with charming good looks and abs like Jesus. Just saying.

Side note: There a photo of me on here that I think is hilarious. I have the creepiest look on my face.. I’m thinking that’s the look I should give these men when I meet them for the first time. Just a thought.


 Oak + Fort top | Element shorts | Target sandals | Aldo bag | H&M sunglasses | Loft 82 geo necklace | Katimi Designs pendant necklace |



 The Outfit:

I basically lived in these shorts after I got my hands on them. They are so easy to wear and definitely not a color I would usually go for. The shorts have enough detail in them I didn’t want to overpower it with a lot going on so I paired it with a basic loose fit top and to add in more color and a little bit of shine, the sunglasses and sandals. The sandals and bag are the same shade. I did this to neutralize the outfit and give it some consistency, it also pops on the green shorts.



 Photos by Leonie.

PS. I’m thinking about posting outfits twice a week now, so check back!

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