My Skincare Regimen For Acne

My skin has been an issue of mine since I was around 11 years old. I received my first breakout during the beginning of my menstruation cycle and it hasn’t slown down except the time that I was on Accutane 3 years ago. I’ve struggled with acne on my face, chest and back since I was a teenager. Your skin can make or break your confidence, it’s the first thing that someone sees and it’s single handily affected my life in more ways than one. Today, I’m going to talk to you about my new skincare regimen for acne. I’ve…

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Cap Beauty’s Vegan Persian Rose Rice Pudding Recipe

This week I’m sharing Cap Beauty’s Vegan Persian Rose Rice Pudding recipe. It’s looking a little different on here you guys! Although, if you’ve followed me since the beginning or even as of 5 years ago, you’ll remember that I used to share food among travel, fashion, beauty, the whole gambit. Lately, my Instagram channel has been disconnected from my site. I allowed my stories, thoughts and opinions to grow on my social media by sharing current events, sustainability tips and news and encouraging a healthy lifestyle but I didn’t allow it to translate onto my site. Two weeks ago,…

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Self-care for the self-employed

In the 11 years that I’ve been self-employed, I’ve gone through trials and tribulations that an entrepreneur would. I’ve gone from high numbers in my bank account to worried if I was going to pay the rent, from having more clients than I can handle to wondering if anyone will hire me and from thinking my ideas were complete shit to wow, this is going to change my community. I’ve seen it all! I’ve done it all! Well, for now. Throughout the years I’ve come to realize when I’m my best and when I’m unhappy. I’ve learned what people to…

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ARCHIVE Fall / Winter 2019

ARCHIVE | Vancouver’s Largest Consignment Pop-Up Event(Debit Tap & Credit Card only – no cash on site) WE’RE BACK!! BIGGER & BETTER and heading to the Fraser Valley! We’re excited to take ARCHIVE to the Tri-Cities in partnership with Highstreet Shopping Centre in Abbotsford. Our last two events have been held in Vancouver and our fall/winter event will give Fraser Valley customers a chance to shop resale. I’m in absolute awe at how our community has supported ARCHIVE. Our last event diverted nearly 1000 pounds of apparel from the landfill and with everyone’s help, we aim to double that this…

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ARCHIVE | Canada’s Largest Consignment Pop-Up SS19 Review

WOW! Another season of ARCHIVE is in the books. Kelly and I put our everything into our SS19 consignment event and we thank everyone who attended, sold their items, volunteered or took part in it some way. When we sought out to start ARCHIVE , we didn’t know how the community would respond and it’s been more than open arms… it’s been a real surge of opportunity for our community to grow together and create something special. ARCHIVE is Canada’s Largest Consignment Pop-Up for men, women & children. Our first event in the fall of 2018 opened it’s doors to…

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